GoFundMe: Soup’er Waffles

Help me to fund my dream and enjoy some yummy waffles on the way!

Have a look at GoFundMe: Soup’er Waffles and share the love with your friends. Any amount large or small will go toward making it happen and sharing the page helps too.

More about me: My name is Chef Caulden Jackson, I was born in Austin, Texas, and moved to colorful Colorado at the age of 9. I worked in a bakery and pizza store as teenager, until going to college in Virginia. After returning home from school, I worked at a lending company for 8 years until the industry began to experience decreases in revenue which caused unexpected layoffs. After the loss of my job I pursued a career in culinary arts.
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I want to raise enough to launch Soup’er Waffles by the end of summer 2016. Most of my savings has gone towards pre concept supplies and production so far. When I am not spending free time with my children I will be focusing on perfecting recipes.

Any help is appreciated, and I’m organizing lots of incentives to thank you for your support. After a successful launch of Soup’er Waffles, you will have the pleasure of satisfying your palate with a deliciously stuffed waffle and scrumptious soup.

Thanks again for your contributions and for sharing the love. #TastesBetterWhenYouShare

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