Relax Let Me Cook For You

Let me be your personal chef for any event large or small. From an intimate dinner to a large wedding party. Tell me more about what I can do for you:

I have many unique skills including the ability to create exotic and wonderful meals. if you have a desire to try new cuisine or would just like a simple home cooked meal, contact me now.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Text me with any urgent requests or questions: 303-434-3451

One thought on “Relax Let Me Cook For You

  1. My friend and I had breakfast the other day at Fooducopia prepared by Modern Cuisinist. He came out specially to our table and made the recommendations: Cinnamon Apple Brioche French Toast and the Veggie Eggs Benedict.

    I had the Benedict – first of all, the potatoes. I swear…it was like God himself reached down to pluck the Earth’s very best potato from the ground, seasoned It with angel dust and roasted it with a heavenly bolt of lightning. And the Benedict itself – ridiculous. The vegetables were fresh and flavorful and cooked to perfection, not a single flavor was out of place, and the cranberry chipotle hollandais sauce was to die for.
    As for the French Toast…I had to resort to near physical violence just to get my first bite – my friend was so attached to it. Also insanely delicious. The perfect blend of light and rich, sweet but not overpoweringly so and the caramel cinnamon apples…omg.
    Our table basically sounded like an R rated movie for the first ten minutes of the meal.
    BEST breakfast in Denver.
    We will definitely be following this Chef wherever he goes.

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